Parties in the government refused opposition offer

Leaders of the political parties in government refused the offer of the opposition bloc of Ishmael Kalsakau in attempt to support the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai last Thursday.

The political leaders in the government said that they were offering the position of the prime minister by the opposition but they refused.

The leaders said that the actual government is the right government compare to what it has been proposed by Mr Kalsakau’s bloc.

One of the parties leaders in the government said that opposition phantom government was composed by some MPs who were alleged to involve in misappropriation of the funds from government’s statutory bodies.

The motion was withdrawn by the mover and deputy leader of the opposition, Sato Kilman due to the lack of support.

Among 18 MPs from the opposition, only 12 were present last Thursday in Parliament. Government has the support of 33 MPs compared to 18 from the opposition.


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