New Caledonia visa: Vanuatu mantains its support to Kanaky self-determination

The recent decision of French Government to annul visa for Ni-Vanuatu citizens to its french territory of New Caledonia
for short stay doesn’t affect the support of government and the people of Vanuatu to the struggle of their Melanesian brothers of Kanaky: the Kanaks.
During the last Pacific Islands Forum in Micronesia, Vanuatu was one of the member countries to support New Caledonia and French Polynesia to become full member of PIF after more than ten years of attempts to get into the biggest regional organisation. PIF is the only regional organisation which is recognized by the United Nations.
Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai told local medias on his return to Vanuatu last week that the support  of Vanuatu has not affected the support ofthe government and the people of this country the cause of Kanaks. He said the position of the government and the people of Vanuatu remains unchanged.
Mr Salwai said that territorial government of New Caledonia and the FLNKS have been aware of the stand of the government before PIF summit in Micronesia.
He said the normal friendly relationship between kanaks and Vanuatu people remain the same. This week kanaks are attending religious gathering in Vanuatu. The photo showed Kanaky delegation head the opening march of the meeting at Tagabe area.

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