China: Vanuatu to host Mini Games in time next year

The ambassador Liu Quan assured the government of Vanuatu yesterday that Vanuatu will host South Pacific Mini Games as planned next year.
Ambassador Liu Quan made the comment during the visit of the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, the minister of sports, Jack Norris and senior government officials at the construction site of new sports complex at Korman late yesterday evening.
PM Salwai’s delegation heard from CCECC construction company that the construction will end at October next year. They are currently employed 30 locals but number is expected to reach 80.
Mr Salwai told Chinese ambassador that he was a beat worry after the ground breaking ceremony this year but after his visit he’s impressed to see the progress of the work done.
PM Salwai thanked the government and the people of China for their contribution to the development of Vanuatu. China is currently building roads on the islands of Tanna and Malekula and the main wharf of northern town of Vanuatu, Luganville.
In Port Vila, China is currently building the new office of the prime minister and Malapoa College.

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