President Lonsdale toktok blong 30 Julae 2016

Olsem oltaem long selebresen blong indipendens aniverseri, President blong Ripablik blong Vanuatu, hemi stap adresem ol pipol long taem blong wan kakae we hemi stap hostem long haus blong hem.
Hemia nao, hemi tok tok blong President Baldwin Lonsdale:
“Long nem blong Office blong President blong Ripablik blong Vanuatu, mi stap tekem taem ia tudei blong extendem 36th anniveseri Greetings blong mi ikam long yu Praem Minista wetem ol Cabinet Ministas blong yu, mo kavman backbenchers  evri narafala Membas blong Parliament, respective lidas long neson blong yumi, olsem Chairman blong Vanuatu Christian Council wetem evri Pastors blong ol Jiojes, President blong Malvatumauri mo evri Jifs raon long Vanautu, President blong Vanuatu National Kaonselblong ol woman mo everi woman lidas long Vanuatu mo President blong Vanuatu National Youth Kaonsel blong yumi long Vanuatu, mo evri individual sitizens blong Vanuatu.  Hapi 36th Independence Anniverseri Celebrations long yumi evriwan.
Thank yu blong acceptem inviteson blong blong Stet Haos blong kam long Independence Cocktel ia mo joenem mifalal long Steit Cockteil ia.
On the occasion of our national day, I now have the pleasure to acknowledge the participation of our dignitaries from overseas, those residing with us and visiting dignitaries. Your presence with us reaffirms the bond of friendship and good ties that Vanuatu shares with a wider world.  On behalf of the Government and Vanuatu, I extend our gratitude for your support during the past 36years of Independence.
Hon. Prime Minister, mo Cabnet Ministers blong yu, mo evri lidas mo pipol blong Vanuatu, plis allaoem mi smol taem blong mi conveyem long yumi evriwan ol greetings we Ofis blong mi I bin receivim blong Congratuletem Vanuatu taem yumi stap selebretem 36th Aniiverseri blong Independens blong Vanuatu.
                                            I.            H.E. Sir Peter Cosgrove  Governor General  in Australia.
                                         II.            H.E. Gitesh Sharma  – High Commisioner to Vanuatu based in Fiji.
                                     III.            H. E. Abdelaziz Bouteflika – President – Peoples Republic of Algeria.
                                      IV.            H.E Xie Xi Ping President of the Republic of China.
                                         V.            H.E. Francois Hollande – President of France.
To you, the resident representatives in Vanuatu, we would greatly appreciate if your honourable Offices would kindly return our hearfelt gratitude for their congratulatory remarks and convey to them our well wishes to their Excellences, a good and lasting health to all of them, and our continued relationship will last for a long time to come.
Hon. Prime Minister mo Cabinet blong yu, mo everi lidas we I stap long Stet Cocktail ia tedei, mi tekem taem ia blong mi expressem tok thank yu blong mi I kam long yufala evriwan.  Tok thank yu blong mi hemi extended iko bak long August 2015 I kam kasem long tudei.  Olsem yufala evriwan I save hemi no bin easy nating long Vanuatu long last yia, mo mi wandem tekem taem ia blong talem thank yu long tuketa saed blong blong Parliament blong acceptem justice decision we hemi mas kam blong stretem ol wokbaot blong yumi.  Mi mas expressem special thank yu blong mi long outgoing Prime Minister Hon. Sato Kilman Litunvanu mo care-taker Kavman blong lukaotem kaontri long transitional period blong Dissolution kam kasem election long beginning blong yia ia, taem kaontri hemi elektem wan niu kavman blong yumi.  Long outgoing Prime Minister mo caretaker Cabinet blong yu, thank yu tumas long service we yu givim long Vanuatu.
Long Niu Kavman blong Hon. Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas mo cabinet blong yu, thank yu long yu mo niufala cabnet we yu lidim.  100 day plan we Kavman blong yu I bin setem, plante long ol plans ia oli kam blong implemented finis.  Long State Cocktail ia, mi wandem blong acknowledgem tok thank yu blong mi long Cabinet we yu lidim from long taem olsem long last yia, mi bin mekem emphasis long samfala priorites blong mi, mo kavman we yu lidim tudei, yufala I bin appruvum lom COM blong hemi mas happen.  Olgeta ia, igat;
                                                      I.            I gat Presidential Act.
                                                   II.            State House ( State Palace) mo,
                                               III.            Renoveson blong Residence blong President.
Hon. Prime Minister mo cabinet blong yu, bambai mi taj base long ol activities long ol achievements later.  For tis taem mi wandem expressem tok thank you blong mi long yu mo kavman we yu lidim blong targetem ol development we bai I benefitim ol citisens blong yumi.
Mi wandem tekem taem ia tu blong congratuletem mo talem bigfala tok thank you long Lida blong Opposition blong yufala I save kamaot very strong blong helpem Kavman hemi mekem gud wok blong hem.  Ol issues we yufala long Opposition I stap raisem, hemi stap blong helpem Kavman blong faenem ol niu rod blong assistim ol pipol blong yumi I develop long hem.  Lida blong Opposition mo team blong yu, thank you blong yufala I proveadem wan effective opposition.
Long ol Provincial Kavmans long sixfala Provinces, mi wandem tekem taem ia tu blong talem thank you mo Congrtauleson long ol niu Presidents mo Councillors blong ol Provinces blong yumi.  Ol developments long ol rural areas blong Vanuatu, yufala nao I stap pusum, mo mi stap tekem taem ia tudei blong complimentem yufala long ol gud work ia, mo talem thank yu long yufala,wetem evri staff blong yufala long ol services we yufala I stap givim long ol pipol blong Vanuatu.
Mi stap tekem taem ia tu blong talem thank yu blong mi iko long trifala Lord mayors blong yumi long Port Vila, Luganville mo Lenakel.  Wan moa yia I pass nao since yumi selebretem Idependens Anniverseri blong yumi, mo yufala I continue blong showem long ol visitas blong yumi wanem nao Vanuatu.  Long ol plannings blong yufala, mi wandem talem Thank yu long yufala, from yufala I stap blong droemap ol beautification program blong yufala we hemi kam blong mekem Vanuatu hemi kam moa attractive.  While hemia I stap go hed gud, mi wandem kol long yufala blong yufala I kam antap wetem ol legislation blong mekem se everi sitisen moo l visitas blong yumi, oli sef oltaem taem oli stap wokabaot long ol towns blong yumi.
Long Vanuatu Polis Force mo Vanuatu Mobile Force, thank you tumas blong ol commitment mo dedikeson blong yufala blong maintenem security blong neson blong yumi, mo mekem sua se security blong neson blong yumi hemi stap oltaem.  Long lukluk ia nao, mi stap wandem kol long Kavman blong dei ia, moa fuija kavman blong hemi mas mekem sua se hemi maintenem neutrality blong Polis Fos I stap oltaem.
Issue blong Polis Fos hemi sensitive tumas, mo hemi nid blong yumi long Kavman yumi mas lego Instituson ia hemi maendem own affairs blong hem.  Vanuatu Polis Fos mo Vanuatu Mobile Fos I mas fri long political influence oltaem, blong hemi frib long mekem ol wok blong hem.  Wetem ol precautions ia, mi wandem tekem taem ia tu blong conveyem heartfelt thank you blong mi long Vanuatu Polis Fos mo Vanuatu Mobile Fos long ol services we oli renderem long Neson blong mekem sua se, security blong kaontri blong yumi hemi stap oltaem.
Long ol Judges blong yumi long Supreme Court, Magistrate mo Island Courts, mi tekem taem ia tu blong mi expressem too thank you blong mi long yufala long impoten rol we yufala I stap tekem long shoulder blong yufala, blong mekem sua se Justice system blong yumi hemi stap supreme oltaem long ol cases we I stap kam long Court blong yumi.  Hemi no easy samtaem, be thru long careful analusis mo assessement we I stap kam insaed long court, plante judgement we I kamaot, fulap oli stap acceptem.  Long yu Jif Justice wetem team blong yu long evri levels blong ol courts blong yumi, Thank you tumas wan moa time.
Long Vanuatu Christristian Concil, mi tekekem taem ia tudei blong fesly congratulatem niu Chairman blong VCC, Ps. Allan Nafuki wetem evri memba blong Council blong VCC.  Thank you long ol prayers we yufala evri jiojes I stap offerem long God from neson blong yumi.  Through long pawa blong prayers blong yumi, God hemi continue blong daerektem neson ia blong yumi.  Mi stap mekem kol ia long plante ples finis, se blong neson ia mas gat ol God-fearing Leaders.  Hemi wan bilif blong mi se sapos VCC hemi save helpem ol Ministries blong Kavman blong oli beginnim dei blong olgeta wetem God, or helpem evri Minista blong state blong gat wan Chaplain blong givim ol spiritual advaes long olgeta, bambai yumi stap blong fulfillim dream blong Vanuatu I kat ol God-fearing people long hem.  Long tingting ia, Chairman blong VCC, thank you wan moa taem from ol prayers blong yufala from neson blong yumi.
Long ol lokol Governance System blong yumi, mi tekem taem is tudei blong talem Thank you long Jif Tirsupe, President blong Malvatumauri blong council of Jifs mo evri level blong ol Jifs we yufala I continue blong lukaotem ol affeas blong ol pipol blong yumi both long rural mo ol urban areas.  Nomata we yufala I serve voluntarily, harmony, peace mo progress long ol areas blong yumi, yufala nao I stap drivem.  Mi tekem taem too blong mi conveyem tok thank yu I ko long Kavman blong assistance we yu givim long ol Jifs blong oli repairem Nagamal blong ol Jifs we klosap bambai hemi  finis nao.  Olgeta Jifs wetem ol narafala Civil Society Grups blong yumi oli continue blong pleyem ol impoten rol long ol cultural governance blong yumi, mo mi tekem taem tus=dei blong talem thank yu long yufala ol Jifs from wok we yufala I stap mekem blong servem ol pipol blong yumi.
Long ol Principals, Headmasters, Headmistresses mo evri tijas long ol schools blong yumi.  Development blong ol lidas blong tumoro hemi vested long hands blong yufala, mo taem yu spendem taem blong eduketem wan yang mind, hemi no wan easy wok, mo mi stap tekem taem ia tudei blong salutim yufala evri tijas raound long Vanuatu from gudfala wok we yufala I stap contribute long Vanuatu.  Plante taem yu stap eduketem wan President, Prime Minister or Minister blong stet, or wan lida; be ol qualities ia bambai I kam long later taem.  Thank yu tumas long sacrifice blong yu blong yu eduketem ol pikinini blong Vanuatu.  
Long ol Doctors mo Nurses long ol Hospitals, Health Centres, Clinics, Dispensaries mo aid posts throughout long Vanuatu,  Thank you long ol wok we yufala I stap mekem wetem ol sikman blong yumi.  Laef blong ol pipol blong yumi, plante taem I stap long hand blong yufala.  Plis acceptem ol tok Tank yu blong mi long yufala tudei from ol services we yufala I stap givim I kam long ol pipol blong yumi.
Long ol employees long public mo Private sektas, mo self employed, mi wandem taem ia too blong talem thank yu long yufala evriwan from ol wok we yufala I stap mekem blong servicem Vanuatu, long ol services blong hem, or long economic growth or long ol narafala prodaktif sektas blong yumi.Evri wok we yufala I stap mekem, long ofis, long ol farms, long construction, long RSE, long ol narafala services, long ol hotels or travel services,ol ships long wata blong yumi,ol Plantation,mo everi narafala wok we yufala I stap involve long hem, mi olsem Head of State, mi wandem talem thank you tumas from ol wok we yufala I bin mekem; I stap makem naoia mo bai I mekem yet.  Ol wok ia hemi stap mekem Vanuatu hemi kam olsem we hemi stap tudei.
Long yufala ol mama blong Vanuatu mo ol Youth.  Contribuson we yufala I mekem long ol difren areas we yufala I involve long hem, hemi stap contribute too long development blong Vanuatu.  Mi wandem tekem taem ia blong talem thank you blong mi iko long ol mama we I stap long home or ol husband, mo I sapotem ol hasban mo waef blong olgeta long ol caring attitude blong olgeta.  Sapot we yufala I givim long ol hasban blong yufala or vice versa, I help blong mekem progress blong Vanuatu I ko long fored.  Long yufala evri mama blong hom, thank yu blong lukaotem gud ol hasbands mo ol Pikinini blong yumi.
Long yufala ol Youth blong yumi long Vanuatu, thank you too long yufala long ol difren rols we yufala I stap involve long hem, long ol studies blong equipem yufala blong yufala I kam ol fuija lidas blong yumi, long ol sports blong leftemap nem blong kaontri blong yumi, mo ol narafala activities we hemi stap helpem yufala blong yufala I kam ol good citizens blong Vanuatu.  Vanuatu hemi smol yet long populeson blong hem, so hemi gud tumas blong yumi lukaotem gud yang genersen blong yumi, mo helpem olgeta blong oli kam ol gud pipol, blong oli lidim ol fiuja generesen blong yumi.
Last but not least, bigbig thank yu iko long ol Donor Partners blong yumi from olgeta nao I stap financem ol big projeks blong development, mo ol man Pawa Resources blong yumi.  Wan toktok we hemi stap talem olsem se; “No man is an Island” hemi speak tru tumas long fasin we ol assistance I stap kam insaed long Vanuatu.  Wol blong yumi hemi smol tumas nao, mo hemi mekem se influence blong ol global spirit I continue blong kam insaed long kaontri blong yumi.  Long yufala ol Donor Partners blong mifala, Vanuatu hemi salutim yufala mo mi wandem joinem Hon Prime Minister blong registerem tok thank you blong mi I kam long yufala from ol bigfala help we yufala I stap givim ikam long Vanuatu.
Follem ol tok thank yu toktok ia, Hon. Prime Minister, Kavman Membas blong Parliament, mo evri pipol long Vanuatu, as you yumi selebretem 36th Anniversary blong Independens long yia ia, mi stap givimaot stampa toktok blong address blong mi we hemi  base long toktok ia; “ Restoration of the National Sovereignty of the Republic of Vanuatu”. Long yia ia, Praem Minista I toktok long; “Recovering Together for the Re-Awakening of the Republic of Vanuatu”.  Whilst Recovering hemi tokbaot kaontri hemi tekem bak posison blong hem hem after long wan failed situation, or destrakson, Restoration long nara hand hemi plesem emphasis long ol erias we kaontri I nid blong luk bakegen long ol values we yumi bin lusum.  Whilst Recovering hemi tokbaot physical aspect blong laef, Restoration hemi tokbaot ol values mo qualities blong laef we yumi bin lusum, mo hemi nid blong yumi mekem hemi alaef bakegen.
Hon. Prime Minister mo distinguished Guests long 2016 Cocktail mo ol citizen blong Republic blong Vanuatu, mi personally feel se, hemi gud tumas blong yumi evri sitisen I wokbaot tuketa blong lukaotem ol gud qualities we yumi tend blong lusum. 
i.                  Independensi blong yumi.
Independence blong Vanuatu hemi bin stap olsem priority blong ol pipol blong yumi long beginning, mekem se oli unaet tuketa blong yumi achievim Independens 36 yias I pass nao.  Ova long ol pas yias we iko, yumi stap blong lukim se spirit blong Independens ia I stat blong lus.  Tudei, Hon. Prime Minister, taem yumi luk long ol Offices blong yumi, yumi faenemaot se, ol TA’s I plante, mo olgeta nao I stap advaesem kavman long ol decisions we hemi stap mekem.  Independens blong Vanuatu Politically, I shud helpem yumi ol decision makers blong yumi disaed long best interest blong ol pipol blong yumi follem ol nids mo context blong yumi nomo.
Long narafala lukluk, Independensi blong Vanuatu hemi mas continue blong hemi saenaot long ol wok we kavvman hemi stap mekem tudei.  Mi wandem Congratuletem Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, blong hemi continue blong holem taet stand blong Vanuatu long ULMWP issue, mo long sem taem mi mas expressem long yu se full membership blong West Papua I stap long hand blong yutufala wetem Solomon Islands.  Mi gat full trust se bae yu save tekem spirit blong Vanuatu blong tingbaot ol bratas mo sistas blong yumi we I stap safa naoia long hand blong Indonesian rul. Hemi bin wan strong lukluk blong ol pioneers blong yumi, se Vanuatu hemi no fri until every Pacific aeland oli fri aot long ol Colonial pawas, mo hemi includim West Papaua, Kanaky, Wallis mo Futuna mo Tahiti.
          ii.      Democracy I mas stap Oltaem:
Follem ol experiences blong kaontri long last yia, we kaontri I bin witnessem se democracy system blong yumi I bin corrupted wetem mane, mi wandem mekem kol ia tudei long ol leaders blong yumi, blong mekem sua se true spirit blong Democracy, Rule of Law, transparency mo Accountability hemi kam part long laef blong yumi, stat long naoia iko, from long wei ia nomo ol pipol blong yumi bai I kasem ol services we hemi fri aot long ol Corruptive practises.  Hemi wan plea blong mi se full Restoration I mas kam bak insaed long Democracy system long Vanuatu, through long ol independent decision blong yumi, we yumi nomo yumi tekem without influence blong ol pipol aotsaed.  Scenario we yumi bin witnessem 14 former Lidas blong yumi I end ap long Correctional Centas long last yia, hemi connected wetem ol mane we I kam aotsaed.  
iii.     Restorem bak ol Kavman Services long Prodaktif Sektas:
Follem ol vision blong ol Pioneers blong independens blong yumi, oli bin kat wan strong tingting se, afta long Politikol Independens blong yumi, bambai yumi strive from Economic Self Reliance blong yumi.  Yumi bin witnessem finis long las Kavman mo Kavman ia, se Ministri responsible blong ol Prodkatif sektas ia, oli stat blong restockem ol cattle long ol Provinces mo ol Forestri seedlings too I stap ko long ol aelands blong yumi.  Hemi impoten tumas se while hemia hemi stap go hed, hemi nid too blong Kavman I revisitim bak tingting blong re-establishim ol Agricultural Extension services mo Fisheries sentas blong yumi.  Hon. Prime Minista, while yumi putum olgeta long ol Provincial Headqota finis, hemi nid blong yumi go beyond long hemia, from transportation cost long ol rurual areas oli sas tumas.  Ekonomik activity tudei hemi satp olsem backbone blong kaontri blong yumi, mo yumi nid blong invest long hem, blong growem ekonomi blong ol rural arias blong kaontri.
iv.             Restoration blong  National Reserve blong Vanuatu.
Follem Independence blong yumi, Kavman through long Late Father Walter Hadye Lini I bin start blong putum in place wan basket we oli kolem National Reserve blong Vanuatu.  Mi andastan too se Nasonal Reserve ia I bin used up finis.  Mi stap tekem taem ia tudei Hon. Prime Minista, blong mi stap kol long yu sapos yumi save re-establishim bakegen basket ia, blong standbye blong accomodetem any nid we I save arise long ol taem we I stap kam.  Savings we any kavman blong yumi I save mekem hemi wan gud investmen blong ol citizens blong hem, therefore, follem ol tingting blong ol founding Fathers blong yumi, mi stap kol long yu mo ol fiuja kavman blong yumi blong stat blong putum tinting ia kam olsem wan impoten wok blong yumi.
v.                Accordem long ol leaders blong yumi ol respect we oli deservem.
Hon. Prime Minista, Follem Leaders Entitlement Act no. 27 of 2008, Act ia hemi specifaem ol entatolmens blong ol leaders blong yumi we hemi talem se bai oli entaetol blong karem 20% mo 10% long ol monthly salary blong olgeta long evri manis afta we oli servem ol term blong ofis we oli holem, espeseli ol Hed of states, ol Praem Ministas mo ol Chairman blong nasonal Council of Jifs.  Afta careful lukluk long wei we rate of inflation hemi stap affecktem yumi tudei mi feel se hemi gud blong kavman hemi revisitim bakegen ol entaetolmens ia, mo mekem hemi moa gud, blong holem taet intergrity blong olgeta olsem ol Lidas blong kaontri blong yumi long wan taem.  Mi stap kol long Kavman blong hemi mas kamantap wetem wan decision blong givim wan better recognition long ol leaders ia, mo impruvum rate blong ol entaetolments ia, or preparem wan better package long olgeta taem oli finisim term blong olgeta.
Fellow sitisens mo Residents blong Ripablik blong Vanuatu, taem mi stap toktok long yumi tudei, ol former lidas blong yumi we I leko yumi finis, yumi berem olgeta long ol wanwan home island blong olgeta.  Hemi gud blong neson I honorem ol lidas blong yumi wetem wan State Cemetry, blong mekem se evriwan I save respektem, mo too mekem olsem wan site we ol man I save visitim moa pem respect long olgeta.
vi.             Givim Meaning moa long Independence Anniversary celebresen blong yumi.
Hon. Praem Minista, Fellow sitisens mo resident blong Vanuatu hemi 36yias nao since yumi kam Independent, mo ol geta yang pipol blong yumi we oli bin bon afta long 1980, ol no save ol struggles blong Independence blong yumi.  Fasin blong yumi honorem independens blong wan dei nomo, hemi no reflektem ol hardwork we ol pioneers blong yumi I bin putum tuketa blong yumi achievim Independens blong yumi.
Ol yang generesen blong yumi I nid blong oli save hao nao yumi bin kasem Independens blong yumi.  Tudei yumi lukim olgeta long ol rural erias oli stap selebretem Anniversary long wan wik selebresen, be long Kapitol long Port Vila, yumi stap holem long wan dei mo few deis nomo.  Mi stap tekem taem ia blong letem kavman I tekem ap blong meken sua se National Dei ia, hemi kam moa miningful long yang generesen blong yumi.  Oli nid blong oli save olsem wanem yumi kam olsem we yumi stap tudei.  Ol struggles blong ol Pioneers blong yumi, ol stories blong yumi, hemi impotent blong ol yang generesens blong yumi I save long olgeta.
6.    Ol achievements since August 2015.
Hon. Prime Minister mo Fellow Sitisens mo distingusished Invited Guests, allowem mi blong mi elaborate moa long ol achievements we mi bin taj base long hem long introdakson toktok blong mi long ol priorities blong mi. Ol priorities ia ino save happen nomo sapos Kavman blong Sato Kilman Litunvanu mo Charlot Salwai ino bin appruvum.  Bifo mi stetemaot ol achievements ia, Ol Hon Prime Ministers, both past mo present, thank yu tumas blong yufala I save considerem ol rekwes we Ofis blong mi istap senden I kam, mo tekem ol decisions long olgeta follem ol assistance we I stap kam through long ol Donor funds blong yumi.
§  Presidential Act.
Hon. Prime Minister mo Ol fellow sitisens, wetem outgoing Prime Minister mo cabinet blong yutufala, Thank yu tumas we yutufala I save endorsem ol tinting ia blong yumi consolidetem ol function mo duties blong President I kam I stap tuketa long wan Act.  President hemi kat ol roles mo responsibilities if fulap, mo oli stap long ol difren Acts we Parliament I stap passem, mo hemi nid blong yumi putum olgeta I kam long wan document we I klialy spellemaot ol functions mo ol roles blong President.  COM hemi passem finis mo long ol taem we hemi kam mifala I stap wok blong advertaesem wan posison blong faenem wan consultem we bai hemi kam blong putum ol polisi blong act ia we, Ofis blong State Law I save usum blong developem wan Act.
§  Presidential Palace:
Follem decision blong COM we Prime Minista Charlot Salwai I lidim, approval blong acceptem Projek ia, I kam olsem wan Priority blong Kavaman we I stap tedei.  Project ia hemi stap long 100 dei plan blong Kavan mo, mi andastand tu se Minista blong Foreign Affairs I presentem projek ia long ol donor Partners blong yumi finis. Taskforce hemi formed finis mo oli stap wok long Conceptual design blong hem naoia.
Long taem we mi stap toktok long yufala tudei, Request For Quotation I stap in place naoia blong Taskforce I appruvum mo sendem iko long ol lokol Architects blong yumi long Port Vila blong oli save designem plan blong hem follem ol criteria we taskforce I appruvum finis we I shud reflecktem ol Vanuatu settings.
COM tu hemi bin disaed blong yumi usim State House instead blong Presidential Palace.
§  Renoveson blong Stet Residence.
Mi stap tekem taem ia tu tudei blong acknowledgem decision blong COM blong I save alloketem funding blong Renovetem State Residence we klosap bambai hemi komplit naoia.  Follem ol expenses blong rentem haos we President I stap liv long hem, decision we yufala I tekem hemi save helpem Ofis blong mi bigwan long ol opereson budget blong hem.  Olsem we hemi stap naoia, hemi ova long 80% komplit, mo mi mas talem bigfala thank yu iko long Kavman mo Pam Recovery Komiti blong yufala I aloketem mane from Renoveson.
Antap long hemia tu, mi wandem extendem ol tok tank yu blong mi long PRC blong appruvum ol narafala mane blong komplitim ol repair long ofis blong President, mo security Fence blong State Haos.
§  Award Database Compilation mo filing.
Follem entry blong mi I kam insaed long Ofis blong President, ol records blong ol Awards stat long 1980 oli stap olbaot long ol handwritten records we oli no stap follem ol orders blong ol presentation.  Ofis I bin traem best blong compilem evri records ia, mo follem attachment blong tufala students blong VIT, tudei evri records oli up to date, moo l informeson ia thru long wan joint effort long Ofis blong mi mo Civil Satatus Office, tufala I mergem ol informeson blong ol Awards mo Civil status informeson long ol records blong mifala.  Thank yu long tufala students ia mo Dipatment blong Civil Status long cooperation blong yufala wete Ofis blong mi.
Blong konklude, mi wandem remaendem yumi long toktok we Jisas I talem long Peter I se;“upon you I will build my Church”  (Matt.16:18).  Long sem lukluk ia, Fellow sitisens we yumi holem ol responsibility blong lukaotem ol pipol; Jisas I stap talem long yumi blong developemen blong ol organizations blong yumi, or neson blong yumi i stap long hand blong yumi.  So, tudei 36 yias after independens blong yumi, yumi kam long taem we yumi nid blong yumi fulfilim responsibility blong ol pipol we oli stap andanit long ol kea blong yumi.  Buildim Jioj blong hem hemi olsem being responsible blong jioj I grow long ol wok we Peter hemi mas mekem.  Sem responsibility blong neson ia I grow, Jisas I leavim wetem yumi evriwan.  Let us all feel responsible and take care of our nations affairs and let’s build up Vanuatu through God-fearing leaders
Hon. Prime Minista, fellow sitisens long Ripablik blong Vanuatu, mo evri distinguished Guests blong 2016 State Cocktail, follem ol remarks ia, mi wandem tekem taem ia blong wishim Kavman mo evri memba blong Parliament, evri Jifs long Vanuatu, evri Jioj Lidas mo Congregation blong yufala long Vanuatu, evri woman Lidas wetem evri woman long Vanuatu, evri Youth Lidas wetem ol youths long Vanuatu, evri Pikinini mo evri pipol long Vanuatu wan hapi selebresen mo enjoyable taem yufala I stap lafet long 36th Anniverseri Selebresen long 2016.
Long live the Republic of Vanuatu mo God bless Vanuatu”.
Long taem ia, hemi bin hangem ol medal igo long sam long olgeta big man blong Vanuatu mo autsaed long kantri.
Wan long olgeta nao, hemi Praem Minista, Charlot Salwai, minista blong health, Daniel Toara mo foma minista blong edukesen mo naoia MP blong Tanna, Bob Loughman.

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