Former MP conspiracy case: over 20 prosecution witnesses and 60 exhibits

Vanuatu Supreme started trial on conspiracy charges against former members of parliament yesterday in Port Vila.

The first prosecution’s to appear yesterday afternoon is one of the five local lawyers to testify in this case, Eric Molbaleh.

Mr Molbaleh is alleged to draft the instrument of the pardoning that has leaded former speaker, Marcelino Pepite to pardon himself and his friends while the Head of State was in his overseas visit.

Source from prosecution said that there are five lawyers who have suspected to involve in this conspiracy case but they have now become the witnesses of the prosecution.

The source said that prosecution is presenting over 26 strong witnesses and over 60 exhibits in this case.  During bribery case, prosecution has over 60 witnesses but court only heard over 20 of them. The former MPs are already serving 3 to 4 years imprisonment. The penalty of conspiracy under Vanuatu laws is 7 years. The former MPs are represented in court by local lawyers.

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