PM Salwai: MSG no longer served its purpose

On his arrival at the International Airport last Friday from Solomon Islands, Prime Minister Charlot Salwai told government ministers and government officials that Melanesian Spearhead Group no longer served the main reasons of its establishment.
Prime Minister Salwai said that the main purpose of the MSG is for the Melanesian people to be free.
Mr Salawi came back from Honiara MSG Special MSG Leaders Summit. He attended the summit to defend his Council of Ministers decision to make melanesian people of West Papua become full member of the MSG.
Prime Minister Salwai told his ministers at the airport that their application was not admitted because there were three against two.
In MSG constitution. decisions are made by consensus  and not by vote. Prime Minister Salwai said that Vanuatu will organised an MSG talk on September this year.
Outside VIP Lounche, acting Prime Minister, Joe Natuman welcomed PM Salwai with a shell of kava.

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