West Papua not admitted as MSG member in Honiara summit

ULMWP was not admitted as full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group during Special MSG summit in Honiara yesterday. This comes as a great disappointment given expectations from throughout Melanesia including Vanuatu that they will be accepted as a full member.  PMs statement. People of Vanuatu throught their  PM  Hon. Charlot Salwai lived up to the challenge as a great leader of Melanesia for the fight to get ULMWP in as a full member. Given the precedent of decisions by consensus and not by votes, Vanuatu had to concede although it was clear that 3 of the 5 leaders present had wanted the  admittance of ULMWP as full member.
In the foregoing the fight is not over, Vanuatu is offering to host another round of dialogue in Port Vila before the end of September this year to deliberate on this matter. Government of Prime Minister Salwai and people of Vanuatu are adamant that Vanuatu can set itself up to meet another bout to discuss the inclusion of ULMWP as a full member.
Prime Minister Salwai took part in the special to defend his Council of Minister decision to endorse the application of melanesian people of West Papua. Recently COM approve that  ULMWP to become MSG full member to become MSG member during Honiara MSG Special Meting this week.
Following the decision of COM, Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Mannasseh Sogavare who is currently the chairman of MSG and Spokesperson of the FLNKS of New Caledonia, Victor Tutugoro have indicated to support the decision of Vanuatu Government.
It is not first time that Vanuatu had pushed for melanesian people of West Papua to become member of MSG. During MSG Kanaky leaders summit, Vanuatu took the lead to make West Papua become MSG full member but was further delay due to differences with political grouping in West Papua ground. This has lead to the hosting conference of West Papua in Port Vila where ULMWP was officially established.

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