FLNKS also in Honiara MSG leaders summit

The spokesperson of the FLNKS in Kanaky, Victor Tutugoro was in the same flight of Air Niugini this morning with Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai for the MSG leaders summit in Honiara.
Mr Tutugoro arrived in Port Vila on Sunday night. On Monday, he met Mr Salwai and on Tuesday he visited government ministries such as ministry of agriculture. He also visited Lycee Louis Antoine de Bougainville and Vanuatu Institute of Technology. The two institutions received financial assistance from the Northern province of New Caledonia following damages caused by cyclone Pam last year.
On Tuesday night VIT hosted a kava reception to thank the government of Northern province for their assistance.
Before their departure this morning, the FLNKS re-affirmed his strong support for West Papua to join them as full member of the MSG in Honiara summit.
The FLNKS did not signed the communique following the visit of MSG leaders in West Papua and Indonesia after the summit in Kanaky.

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