Opposition lost Appeal Court

IMG_2677 IMG_2681
Leader of the opposition and the former Attorney General with 13 other opposition have this morning the Appeal Court.
On Monday, Mr Kalsakau and 13 other opposition MPs went to the court to stop the ordinary session to debate 12 bills.
Parliament has already in session on Monday went the speaker received interim order to stop the parliament. Later in the after, Justice Oliver Saksake made a written judgment to said that the ordinary session was in breach on the constitutional right of the 14 MPs of the opposition. At lunch time today, the Vanuatu highest court, the Appeal Court, quashed the supreme court judgment. The presiding judge, Chief Justice Vincent Lunapeck said that “it is a disaster and we will not accept anymore”. During this morning hearing, Mr Kalsakau through his lawyer Paul Avock didn’t managed to demonstrate to the six judges that the speaker of parliament, Esmon Sae, has taken a decision with was in breach of the 14 opposition MPs. The judges remind Mr Avock that parliament shall make its own rules and Court is not here to direct to instruct the parliament.
In Mr Kalsakau’s case, the speaker of Parliament, Esmon Sae is the first respondent and the second respondent is the state.

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