Lini: 1.4 million Vatu on electricity costs and 900, 000 Vatu revenue

Lini: 1.4 million Vatu on electricity costs and 900, 000 Vatu revenue
As a Minister responsible for Energy developments in Vanuatu, let me first of all, on behalf of the Ministry of Climate Change, Disaster Management, Environment and Energy, express my deepest appreciation to the Government of United Arab Emirates through MASDAR (UAE) for providing invaluable assistance in funding the 767 Kilo Watt Solar Grid Connected System Project installed at the Ministry of Climate Change Complex and here at the National Parliament Complex.
I also wanted to thank the Implementing Agencies, from the Government- Officers of the Department of Energy through the Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change & Energy and  Officers of the Parliament House including the Clerk’s Office for collaborating closely with UAE/MASDAR in all aspects of the project implementation. I wish to also extend this appreciation to the current Minister of Public Utilities, Hon. Jotham Napat who was the former Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change and Energy. Thank you for your support towards making this investment possible. My acknowledgement also goes to our contractors Clay Energy Fiji Limited, PCS Limited, UNELCO and Qualao Consulting for your technical support to ensuring that these systems are able to be installed and function to deliver the intended objectives.
The Government of Vanuatu through the Department of Energy under the Ministry of Climate Change, endorsed the National Energy Road Map (NERM) in 2013 which sets forth the priority projects and programmes for energy development in Vanuatu. One of these priorities is to increase the share of renewable energy in Vanuatu’s energy mix for power generation. A number of renewable projects have been implemented in both urban and rural areas with an aim of achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. These investments that we are witnessing today are part of our contribution to meeting Vanuatu’s national energy roadmap targets.
Vanuatu is very fortunate to be among 5 Pacific countries, including Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa and Tuvalu to benefit from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) partnership Fund. The allocation of US$ 50million UAE-Pacific Partnership Fund helped to deploy Renewable Energy Projects, with grant financing from Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD).
Vanuatu was allocated US$ 5million to construct up to 767 KiloWatt of Grid Connected Solar PV to benefit our country. This Solar investment has 2 components located in Port Vila; the Ministry of Climate Change Building (with 125kW) and the National Parliament Complex (with 315kW), including the Parliament car park (332kW). This translates to approximately 340,000 Litres per annum of imported diesel fuel being saved. 
The UAE supported Grid Connected Solar PV Project has not only contributed towards achieving the targets of our National Energy Road Map. It also provides some income to the Government, offsetting their electricity costs and provides surplus budget which can be used to extend additional services needed to the people of Vanuatu.
I am pleased to announce that since the Solar PV systems were commissioned in November 2015, an average savings of approximately 1.4 million Vatu on electricity costs and 900, 000 Vatu revenue was generated from sales of power during  a full sunny month. Such benefit is unusual for the Vanuatu Government and I am very pleased that Vanuatu Government through its Officials were able to make this choice of investment.
Let me conclude by encouraging other electricity operators throughout the country to explore similar renewable options and work closely with the Vanuatu Government in making these options work.
On behalf of the Ministry of Climate Change and Energy, and the people of Vanuatu, we wish to again express our deepest appreciation to the people of United Arab Emirates for this generous support and we hope that such friendship continues into the future.
My fellow colleague Ministers, Director Generals, Directors and other senior officers and relevant energy stakeholders of Vanuatu, I call on your support to ensuring that these investments are well looked after and the Department of Energy is supported so Vanuatu can achieve its renewable energy targets by 2030.

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