Majority of Bauerfield SEST works complete

Works Contractor, Fulton Hogan, carrying out the emergency repair works at the Port Vila Bauerfield
airport have completed the majority (95%) of the Surface Enrichment Sprayed Treatment (SEST) works
this week, with remaining areas being addressed prior to project completion.
Due to shipping challenges in Fiji there is a slight delay with the arrival of specialist cold mix asphalt which
should have arrived on the 27th of March. The boat is now due on the 2nd or 3rd of April, which could result
in a slight delay in the overall programme for the emergency repairs.
The project team is fully committed to achieving works completion as soon as possible but with delays
outside their control the programme may become constrained. All efforts will be made to unload the ship
as soon as possible and maintain project completion dates. To this end, the project administrators also
wish to acknowledge all key government agencies, also helping with the fast-tracking of delivery of works
materials for the project. These include Customs, Quarantine and Ifira Ports and Development Services.
Meanwhile, Fulton Hogan are in constant communication with Pacific Aviation Investment Programme
representatives, the Vanuatu Project Management Unit, Airports Vanuatu Limited and major airline
operators to work out the best operational windows in order to complete the works without disrupting
the passenger services.
Currently Thursdays would seem to be the best operating window in highly critical runway zones with no
scheduled international flights and the Contractors are using this time to complete works in these
constrained areas to minimize impact on passenger airline movements.
Emergency repair works at Bauerfield is funded by a World Bank loan of Vt139 million, and forms part of
a total package of USD59 million signed by the government in March 2015, with the full upgrading of the
airport still to come.

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