Esmon Sae elected as new speaker with 33 votes

Parliament elected this morning member of parliament for Malekula constituency, Esmon Sae as new speaker of Parliament with 33 votes.
Mr Sae was nominated by member of parliament for Pentecost Constituency, Charlot Salwai and seconded by the member of parliament for Santo constituency, Gaetan Pikioune.
Mr Sae was elected under the colors of Vanuakau Party and member of the bloc of Unity for Change. Uniti for Change.
Unity for Change gathers Vanuatu Party with six MPs, Ground and Justice Party with six MPs, National United with four MPs, Reunification for Movement for Change with four MPs, Nagriamel Movement with three MPs, Natatok and Friend Melanesian Party and Melanesian Progressive Party with one MP each and the bloc of Vanuatu leaders Party with six MPs. Yesterday retreat also saw the presence of the care taker minister of education, Daniel Toara for Green Confederation. Green won two MPs during the election. 
 This morning a total of 32 MPs were sitting on Unity for Change bloc in the parliament.
Care taker prime minister, Sato Kilman nominated care taker deputy prime minister, Christophe Emmele as candidate for speaker of parliament for the care taker government bloc.  The name of Mr Emmelee was seconded by the care minister minister of internal affairs, Osea Nevu.
This morning a total of 20 MPs  were on the side of Mr Kilman. Mr Emmelee got 18 votes and one void vote.
The first session of 2016 started this morning with the oath of the new 52 members of parliament.
At 11h30 this moring (Vanuatu Time) the election of the new speaker was still on. After the election of the new speaker, parliament will elect deputy speaker of parliament. After the election of the speaker and deputy speaker, parliament will elect the new prime minister. Mr Salwai has been choosen by Unity for Change bloc to be new prime minister.
Following the composition of the bloc inside the parliament this morning, Mr Salwai should get 32 vot against the candidate of care taker government with 20 votes.

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