Vanuatu plans to safe life during tsunami and hearthquake

The Vanuatu launched last week its Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction Project.  This will be implemented by Vanuatu Meteorological and Geohazard Department. With last week’s launching of the MDRR the department is entering into its final phase. This week they  are working on the preparation of the creation  of evacuation maps and that will finally see the installation of a complete Tsunami Warning System for Port-Vila and Luganville, as pilot sites and the most populated area of Vanuatu.
The expert in the implementation of the MDRR who is a volcanologist of New Zealand, Graham Leonard said that later this year, there will exercises to the people in the northern town  of Vanuatu, Luganville and Port Vila. Mr Leonard said the exercise will enable people where to evacaute if there is strong earthquake and tsunami.
Mr Leonard said that signs and the maps will be in languages spoken by the people of Vanuatu which are english, french, bislama and local languages.
The project is financed by the government of Japan.

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