Natuman said arrest warrant aimed to tarnish his reputation

The acting president of Vanuatu Party and former prime minister, Joe Natuman said that political witch hunt to try and catch him and a couple others appears highly politically motivated to try and tarnish his reputation and disturb current negotiation to form a new government. Mr Natuman said that he is aware that an attempt to obtain an arrest warrant for him was refused by magistrate and the supreme court yesterday. He said that the arrest warrant follows a complain by Moana Carcasses in 2014 over the allegations of conspiracy to defeat the course of justice. In 2012, Mr Natuman wrote a letter to the then acting police commission, Arthur Carlton to cease the investigations on allegations of mutiny within Vanuatu Police. Mr Natuman was at time prime minister and also responsible for Vanuatu Police Force.
He said that now both courts , magistrate  and supreme have rejected to grant an arrest warrant against he is ready to answer the queries from the police.
Mr Natuman wants to assure people from north to South that there is no such warren as claimed by some police officers and politicians.

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