Natuman: Kilman suffered consequences of his decision to dissolve parliament

Former opposition bloc started talks yesterday to form a new government after the official declaration of the 52 names of the winning candidates following snap elections last week. Acting president of the Vanuaku Party and former prime minister, Joe Natuman said that he is confident that Unity for Change will form new government. Mr Natuman claims that  Unity for Change  has now the support of the 23 new members of parliament following the unofficial results. Mr Natuman said that yesterday they started to talk with the other political groups and independent candidates who won the elections to form a new government.

Mr Natuman said that Unity for Change which consisted of five political parties in the former opposition won the highest number of the 52 seats during last week snap elections but not the care taker government. Care taker prime minister and president of the People’s Progressive Party, Sato Kilman was the only one to win back his seat. PPP’s care taker minister of lands, Isaac Amariliu and PPP’s care taker minister of trade, Dunstun Hilton lost the elections. Mr Kilman has three MPs during last parliament.

Mr Natuman said that it was Mr Kilman through the Council of Ministers who asked the president of the republic to dissolve the parliament and now he suffered the consequences. He said that if they have more to organize themselves and to go to proper elections on October this year, more political parties will have done better. Mr Natuman said that all major political parties suffered from snap elections including his Vanuaku Party.


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