Mele village expects to have its representative within new parliament

Over 200 000 voters start queuing at different polling stations this morning to cast their votes. In Mele village which is the biggest village of Vanuatu people started to vote at 7h30 this morning. Their paramount chief, Chief Kalokai Massi lead them to cast his vote. Chief Masai said that the attendance of the voters this morning shows that his people want a new government after a long political crisis which lead to the dissolution of parliament by the president of republic, Father Baldwin Lonsdale. He said that he expected that the turn out of the vote will be good in his village to show their determination that they want a new members of parliament to elect a new government. He said Vanuatu has seen what happened during the past few months with the jailing of 14 MPs and he is expecting that people will make good choice. He said his village has over two thousand registered voters and they haven’t managed to elect a member of parliament for the last two terms of parliament. He said his community has decided to put three candidates in this snap election and he expected that one them will get through to represent them in parliament.

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