Convicted former MPs casted their vote this morning

Convicted former MPs of Port Vila, Moana Carcasses, Tony Wright and Jean Yves Chabod were also among voters to caste their votes this morning.

The three former MPs who are currently serving jail term of three to four years were found guilty by the Supreme Court and Appil Court over corruption and bribery of officials. There are currently serving their sentences at Port Vila Correctional center.

The trio voted at EX-FOL this morning.

Carcasses, Wright and Chabod were among the 14 jailed former MPs to apply to contest this snap elections but their applications were removed by the Electoral Commission. Chairman of the Commission, Kilion Taleo said yesterday that they have received advice from the court house that if they accept their application, it will constitute an attempt of court. Mr Taleo confirmed that the other 11 former MPs who are from the islands have apply for proxy votes.  Mr Taleo said their relatives will vote on their behalf in today’s snap election.


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