Kilman suspend another police officers and keeps Taleo while convicted and sentenced

The care taker Prime Ministern Sato Kilman who is also responsible for Police, Sato Kilman has suspended Inspector Iakar Silas starting from the 13th of January 2016.
Inspector Silas’s suspension is the second after Mr Kilman suspended Superintendent Jackson Noal, last week.
 Inspector Iakar’s suspension letter has the same date with Superintendent Jackson Noal’s letter.
In his letter Mr. Kilman said it was according to a letter he received from the acting Police Commissioner John Taleo, he has decided to suspend Inspector Iakar.
Main while Mr Taleo is still holding the position of acting police commissioner even though magistrate has convicted him and sentenced him last Friday.
Court has ordered him to pay a amount of 15 000 vatu for careless driving and 20 000 for reckless driving.
Mr Taleo has to pay a total of 35 000 vatu before 15th February. Court has also given him 14 days to appeal. .

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