Kilman suspended Superintendent Noal

Care taker Prime Minister, Sato Kilman has suspended Superintendent Jackson Noal from duty starting from yesterday (Wednesday 13th January).
Mr Kilman told Superintend Noal in his suspension letter that he has read the reports as submitted by the Acting Police Commissioner, John Taleo.
Last week, Superintendent Noal wrote  a letter to the chairman of Police Service Commission, Herve Hopkins to dismiss the current acting Police Commissioner, John Taleo.
In his letter dated 8th January, Mr Noal who headed a group of police officers said that police act give clear direction in matters of a convicted officer.
The police act stipulates that: any member may be dismissed from the force in accordance with the provisions of this or her act if he has been found to have committed an offence against discipline or convicted against any written law.
The police act also stipulated that: such dismissal shall take effect from the date of such finding or conviction or from such later date as the commissioner or commission, as the case may be, decides. That a member who has been dismissed from the force under the provisions of this or this section may not be re-appointed.
The police officers stated in their letter to the chairman that magistrate court on the 15th December 2015 had on its judgment convicted Mr Taleo on two counts of careless driving and reckless driving under the road traffic control act. 
Mr Noal said this afternoon that Mr Kilman suspended him because he was telling the truth. He said that he will  not surprise that Mr Kilman will keep Mr Taleo after his sentencing date tomorrow (Friday 15 January). Tomorrow magistrate will sentence Mr Taleo after he was convicted.

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