Australian Scouts gave water to Mele village

Australian Scouts, Second Gordon and and First Marimbala donated water tank to Mele village. The leader of scout in the village, Manu Sael said that they have received the tank this week and the installation work ended on Wednesday. Mr Sael said that with the rain on Wednesday night, they have now good quality water. He said that tank has the capacity to contain 10 000 liters but it not enough for over three thousand people in the village. Mr Sael said the scouts of Australia are yet to donate another three tanks. He said that there are private water tanks but the ones that are given by australian scouts is for all the people in the village and visitors.

Mr Sael said that after cyclone Pam and the El nino, people in the village have problem with their water system from Mele Cascade which is about two kilometers from the village. He said sometime they have water and sometime they don’t have water for two and three days.

Mr Sael said they have another river, Golf River, which is situated about 200 meters from his house but it is polluted because there are now settlements along the river bank. He said sometime, they don’t have options but they have to boil it and drink it. He said the donation of the scouts of Australia will help them to catch rain water which a good quality water.

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