Vanuatu is expecting an other coalition government after the snap election

Political parties have just eight days to convince over 200 000 eligible voters to vote their candidates. Among 263 candidates, voters will only choose 52 among them to enter the parliament as new elected members of parliament.  Before the official results of this snap election, one think that will be inevitable is the coalition government. The number of political parties which are contesting this election and their candidates show the new government will be again a coalition government. There are 27 political parties and over 50 independents candidates who are contesting the election. None of the 27 political parties had half plus one of the 52 seats in parliament. Vanuaku Party is putting the highest number of candidates. The number of candidates ranged from one to 15 candiadates. Even the campaign teams already translated what type of the government Vanuatu will have after the official results of the election. Some of the political parties have decided to make a joint electoral campaign.

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