Snap election: Constitutional case filed against Electoral Commission

One of the applicants to contest snap election and Charge d’Affaire in Vanuatu embassy in China, Willie Toama has filed an urgent constitutional application against Electoral Commission this morning (Monday 11th January). Mr Toama is challenging the Electoral Commission after his name was not declared as eligible candidates to contest the election on Tanna constituency.

His lawyer, Less Napuati said Mr Toama’s name was removed by the commission from the electoral list.

Mr Napuati said it is the role of the electoral office to inform a person if they have removed his name but that was not done on the case of his client. He said that his client was in China and his name was removed without been consulted. Mr Napuati said the removal of the name of Mr Toama constituted violation of his constitutional right to vote and to contest an election.

Mr Toama already contested general election in 2002 under Green Confederation Party and he supposed to a candidate of one the new political parties in this snap election, Alliance Moderate.

He is among 264 applicants who submitted his application but his name was not declare as candidate during the first declaration of the candidates names last Wednesday and also during second declaration by the commission, last Friday.

(with the interview of Less Napuati)


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