Names of the candidates following second declaration during weekend

Following the second declaration of the eligible candidate of the snap election on 22nd this month, Tanna constituency is likely not going to the poll.

The main reason is because the name of Willie Toama was not in the first declaration and the second declaration. Source close to Mr Toama said his lawyer has filed a case in Supreme Court in attempt to delay the election on Tanna.

Last Saturday night, the Electoral Commission finally publicized the second declaration of the names of candidate.


In Torres constituency, the new declared candidate is Basil Hopkins to contest in the colors of United Liberation Front and in Banks constituency, there are Dunstun Hilton from People’s Progressive Party and Victor Ron as independent candidate.

In Santo constituency, Sailas Rokrok from Union of Moderate Party, Ronald Warsal Kalmasei in Vanuaku Party, Sela Molisa, Vanuaku Party, Samson Samsen, Vanuatu Presidential Party, Jonathan Ure Tabe, VPP, Gaspard Moli Palaud, Vanuatu Republican Party, Gratiano Pepite, VRP, Simon Timothy, Vanuatu National Development Party, Rick Marco Mahe, Reunificastion Movement for Change, Pierre Chanel Adimele Marcel, Leaders Party of Vanuatu, Jean Ravu Ati Kalomule,  Vanuatu Progressive Republican Party, Peter Steven, Vemarana, Roger Guy, Independent and Jonah Kalorik Simion, independent.

In constituency of Malo/Aore, there is Maolil Tabauti from Hope Party. In Luganville, there are Charley Ulas, Union of Moderate Party, Donald Restitun, Vanuatu Presidential Party, Marc  Ati, Iauko Group, Antoine Pikioune, Nagriamel and Judas Sipa, independent. In Malakula, there are Georges Lapi Westley, Unity For Change, Browny Donald Jeremyah, Vanuatu National Development Party, Willie Apia Massing, Vanuatu National Party, Jenek Batunvanu, Vanuatu Green Confederation, David Yavis Manlo, Family First Party, Peter Onis, independent and Mandin Romon, independent.  In Embrym constituency, there are Josua Bong from Union of Moderate Party, Albert Abel Williams, Graon mo Jastis Party and Jossie Masmas from Vanuatu Republican Party. In Paama, there is Job Andy Sam from Vanuatu National Development Party. On Pentecost, there are David Tosul from Graon mo Jastis Party, Ham Lini Vanuroroa, National United Party and Bermance Bebe Molgoroi, Vanuatu Republican Party. On Ambae, there are Richard Mera, Vanuaku Party, Jay Ngwele, Iauko Grup, James Bule, NUP, Jameson Bani Guero, People’s Action Party and Dickinson Vusilae, independent. In Maewo: Philippe Boedoro from Vanuaku Party. In Tongoa, there are Georges Kerby John, People’s Progressive Party, John Marc Bel Tapangasaruru, Vanuatu National Development Party, Willie Noel, Natatok and Willie Reuben Abel, Vanuatu Community Reform Party. Sheperds: Harry Daniel from Vanuatu Progressive Development Party. On Efate, there are Pakoa Kaltonga, Vanuaku Party, Markson Niptik, Vanuatu Presidential Party, Killion William, Graon mo Jastis Party, John Pati Kaltake, Vanuatu National Party, Jean Claude Kanegai, VPDP, Alfred Rolland Carlot, Natatok, Manuel Carlot, Vanuatu Democratic Party, Nato Taiwia, Melanesian Progressive Party, Joshua Tafura Kalsakau, Vanuatu Lebor Party, Amos Tatangis Sirel, independent, Gislain Kaltak, independent,  and Matai Kalwatman, independent. In Port Vila, there are Alatoi Ishmael Kalsaku, Union of Moderate Party, Wendy Himford, UMP, Louis Kalnpel, VPP, Doni Peri Osea, Vanuatu National Development Party, Jean Luc Kassar, VNP, Kalo Seule, Vanuatu Green Confederation, Maxime Carlot Korman, VDP, Roy Obed James Matariki, Vanuatu Community Reform Party, Daniel Molisa, Vanuatu Democratic Alliance and Liberation Party, Antoine Boudier, independent and Jimmy James Moli, independent. Finally on Tanna, there are Jacques Nauka Meriago, Union of Moderate Party, Iaris Leon Yawa, Vanuatu Labor Party, Richard Namel Ruan, independent, Dom Noham Iauniwan, independent, Roger Kiel, independent, Louis Namak Etap, independent and Benson Willie Samuel, Apahan and Christian Cranois, independent.


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