Snap election: Campaign launched

Political Parties in different constituencies in Vanuatu have launched their electoral campaign today amid delay on official publication of the names of the candidates by the Electoral Commission. The Electoral Commission expected to publicize the names of over 200 candidates for this snap election last night but was delayed until today. The dateline was yesterday ( Tuesday 5th January) for the candidates to pay out their debts to the government and government semi organization. This morning and the afternoon, the Commission was not yet in the right position to confirm what time the names of the candidates will be aired on National Radio, Radio Vanuatu and FM 107. This morning and this afternoon, some of the candidates were still queuing at government tresory  to pay out their debts.  Main while, former prime minister, Joe Natuman said that former opposition bloc is not waiting for the commission. He said that some of their candidates  already launched their electoral campaign this morning following the initial dateline which was yesterday. Mr Natuman explained that the delay of the publication of the names of the candidates is due to the government offices which submitted late the debts of the candidates to the electoral office. He said that the delay will make electoral campaign shorter. Starting from today (Wednesday 6th January) political parties only have 13 days to campaign. The dateline of the electoral campaign is 12h00 mid-night on 19th January. Mr Natuman also raised his concern over the use of public properties such as government vehicles by the care taker ministers for their political campaign.


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