Emelee questioned police

Police integrity and ethics are fundamental principles for effective policing and building trust within communities. Sound conduct by police improves community interactions, enhances communication, and promotes shared responsibility to address crime and disorder.
The care taker deputy prime minister, Christophe Emelee said ethics imposes on part of policemen loyalty to republican values and institutions, honor and impartiality while at service to the people of Vanuatu. To ensure order, building trust between the police and the citizens they serve is of paramount importance.
Mr Emelee said however, recent events have brought him to doubt these standards are being maintained. As a politician and more importantly as a citizen of Vanuatu, he demands that police be held to the highest ethical standards.
He said that Vanuatu is going through one of the worst political crises it has ever witnessed and it is his opinion that in such times, it is expected that the police carry out to the best of their ability their sovereign functions by maintaining law and order in public places and intervening within the power conferred to them by the law whenever and wherever necessary.
Mr Emelee said that few weeks ago he found it repugnant how some policemen are attempting to make a name for themselves by means of disinformation and defamation in the heart of our communities, with the objective of harming him and by extension to the good name of his Vanuatu National Development Party (VNDP).
He said rumors can be a terribly damaging form of communication and some policemen have developed “great skills” in this field spreading allegations that he was to be arrested for “his wrongdoings” with the sole and unique objective of destabilizing his political campaign.
Mr Emelee said that it has reached a stage that he was almost convinced by the rumors that the police would  arrest him. He said that he decided to visit them at the police station to clarify the matter. Mr Emelee said that surprisingly, he was assured that no complaint had been filed against him, however it was confirmed that some policemen had conspired to tarnish his reputation.
Despite this regretful incident, he said he remains confident that the Police force is doing a great work in protecting and serving the people of Vanuatu.

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