Court ordered Vohor not to interfere in UMP Port Vila region

Longtime president of Union of Moderate Parties , Serge Vohor is now facing court order amid snap election next month.
On Saturday, magistrate court granted the application of Mayor Ulruch Sumptoh against Vohor.
Mr Sumptoh is first applicant and the second applicant is Port Vila Executive of Union of Moderate Parties.
Upon hearing Mr Sumptoh urgent application for restraining order, this his counsel, Ms Christina Tina, and being satisfied that there is urgency of on the balance of convenience in this matter, court agreed  to proceed ex parte and made the following interlocutory orders:
That the respondent, his agents or friends be restraint from interfering with the decision  of the second  applicant.
That Vohor, his agent or friends be restraint from manipulating the management of the second applicant, and or causing doubts into key decisions made by the second applicant.
That Vohor, his agents or friends be restraint from verbally  threatening the first applicant by  way of letter, phone calls or text messages.
That Mr Sumptoh remains the approved candidate for Port Vila constituency for 2016 snap election and unless otherwise his candidature is contested by the respondent he (respondent) should so file his response/defense to this application and or claim upon receipt of these orders and or necessary documents.
That Vohor be at liberty within 24 hours notice to apply to the court for the review of this interim orders anytime they are in force.
That the breach of any of these orders by respondent and his agents shall constitute contempt of court.
One of the main men behind Mr Sumptoh, Teophile Massing told Vila Times on Saturday afternoon that this court orders is a start to dethrone Vohor from the president of UMP.
Mr Massing also stated that after snap election, there will discipline against intruders within the party.
“This group will clean up the party”, said Mr Massing. There are allegations that Vohor and his agents have been smoothly terminated the main leaders of UMP during his reign.  There are also allegations that UMP is currently run by the new comers who had nothing with party interest but for their personnel gain.
There are allegations that Vohor has personally approved names of the candidates to contest in Port Vila without the approval of Port Vila UMP regional committee. The persons whose name were approved by Vohor from the correctional center were never been UMP supporters.
Under party’s constitution, a person must spend three years in UMP before he or she can stand as the candidate party.

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